Creativity, Time and Leadership

The creative process takes lots of things like knowledge, support, motivation, etc.   But what about time?  What role does time play?

Let’s begin with creativity as it relates to time:

From the video, I think we can safely say that sufficient time can enhance creativity and too little time can stifle it.

So how does a person lead or manage creativity with the reality of deadlines and results?

Let’s take a look at Ed Catmull, president of Walt Disney and Pixar Animation Studios, as he talks about the Hungry Beast and the Ugly Baby.

Watch it from 42:32-44:53 to catch the message!

In a public education setting, the hungry beast can appear as a state-mandated test.  There is a need to feed the test-results beast every spring when districts and schools are graded by the state or feds.  This beast can stifle both new, fragile ideas as well as the time required to incubate them.

The truth is that new ideas need a chance to grow and mature.  They need a chance for trial and error.

That’s where culture comes into play.  That’s where YOU come into play.  As Amy Fast Ed.D. @fastcrayon recently stated:

If you’re a leader whose staff is on edge or fearful of getting in trouble, you’re creating a culture that undermines the mission. Nervous staff aren’t risk takers. They’re not innovators. They’re anxious. Cautious. They play it safe. And playing it safe doesn’t lead to greatness.

Which leader are you?  Set your direction for greatness.

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