Passion, Care And impact

Let’s admit it; shoe repair isn’t all that exciting.

So how do you produce a video about it?  You don’t.  You produce a video about your passion, care, and impact on the customer:

Along the same train of thought as shoe repair is chocolate.  Take a look at the story that’s told about the relationship between farmers and the company that produces some of the finest chocolate.  Notice at the 2:38 mark in the video, Shawn Askinosie also talks about the impact on children, the community, and the way he measures success (hint:  it’s not on a balance sheet):

In our work on behalf of children, we (as educators) have countless stories which portray the same types of passion, care, and impact.  We connect with children, families, and local communities in powerful ways that no other profession does.  And we measure success in more ways than can be shown on a balance sheet.

Even though we do a pretty good job of rightly touting academic, fine arts and athletic successes in education, I think there exists a scarcity of stories which shine a light on the passion, care, and impact that go into every classroom and school every day.

What if we, as educators, told our stories about the care that’s taken on behalf of children?  About our quest and passion for learning?  Let that sink-in for a moment.

If shoe repair can be told in a way that connects, certainly teaching and learning can be!  The work in public education is too important to our future not to tell our stories.

Passion, care, and impact . . .  not a bad way to go.  What’s your story? Share it with at!

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  1. It’s so easy for people to get wrapped up in the “balance sheets” of life and push aside the stories of passion, care and impact that truly inspire the students to do well and to inspire each other! It’s important to remember to take that step back and focus on the things that are not the black and white, the things that make up real life.

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