What We Do

Syfr Learning’s Professional Development raises achievement while lowering costs, (you only train 10% of your staff and they inspire others). You can see improvement in classroom pedagogy, and increases teacher effectiveness in only WEEKS, not months or years. Expect to exceed prior years’ assessment results and accelerate student learning.

In less than six weeks, teachers will begin to demonstrate improvements in measured student achievement. The work expands virally as teachers inspire or almost infect others with stories of their own student success!

Our Professional Development Programs

Three-year job embedded professional development plans aligned to the Learning Forward Standards for Professional Learning.

6.5 hour sessions divided between focuses on the Art of learning, the Science of learning and creating the Practice to be applied.

Over 18 years of planning custom conferences specializing in The Science and Art of Learning, STEM, STEAM, and other topics.

Earn badges in our credentialing system create a research based, evidence driven certification program for your district or school.

Our Programs are Tailored to Your School’s Needs.

Syfr Learning offers a variety of teacher development opportunities to meet any school’s needs. Our goal is to help you train your own staff to carry on The Art and Science of Learning in your schools.

Our work can be delivered in several formats:

  • Face-to-face professional development
  • Blended learning delivered through face-to-face and an online Learning Management System
  • Online Personalized learning to include badging or micro-credentials

Syfr also has the capacity to deliver engaging speaking on topics related to the learning sciences and custom conferences on the same topics, including STEM.

With face-to-face instruction, it takes as little as one-half day of professional development for organizational leaders/principals and five days of professional development learning institutes for a teacher cohort over the course of one year.

Our professional development curriculum is divided into four instructional units: Perspective, Cognition, Relationships, and Motivation. Each unit of study in the series has a written set of goals and associated performance assessments. Each lesson has its own set of objectives, is designed with an engaging hook (or anticipatory set) to create relevance for the adult learner, and short segments of direct instruction often incorporating models. This is followed by a short discussion to check for understanding (a formative assessment) leading into a structured activity. Finally, the lesson returns to use models to close the concept and requests an independent application of what has been learned as a culminating (summative) assessment.

School districts can choose single or multiple units, depending on their own goals for professional development for staff or administrators. The work is appropriate across grades and subjects, and works equally well for instructional leaders, teachers, or coaches.

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The Art of Learning: Perspective and Cognition

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